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China Again Demands Japan Repeal Its Decision to "Purchase" Diaoyu Islands

Ambassador Luo Zhaohui, Director-General of the Chinese Foreign Ministry's Asian Affairs Department, held consultations with Shinsuke Sugiyama, Director-General of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on the current China-Japan relations in Beijing from September 11 to 12, 2012. Luo thoroughly elaborated on China's solemn position on the Diaoyu Islands, underscoring the staunch and unwavering determination and will of the Chinese government and people to safeguard the territorial integrity and demanding that Japan immediately repeal its wrongful decision to "purchase" the Diaoyu Islands.

Luo said China will never recognize Japan's illegal seizure and so-called "actual control" of the Diaoyu Islands or tolerate any unilateral move made by Japan in regards to the Diaoyu Islands. Luo demanded that Japan immediately correct its mistake, return to the consensus and understanding reached between the two sides and return to the track of negotiating a settlement of the dispute.

Both sides will maintain communication.

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