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Chinese Special Envoy on the Middle East Issue Wu Sike Meets with the Chief of Staff to the Leader of Syrian"National Coalition" Monzer Akbik
(From Chinese Embassy in Bahrain)

On December 7, 2013, while attending the 9th "Manama Dialogue" in Manama, Bahrain, Chinese Special Envoy on the Middle East issue Wu Sike met with Monzer Akbik, the Chief of Staff to the Leader of the "National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces" (National Coalition for short).

Wu Sike said that the current situation in Syria has developed into a critical stage, only Syria adheres to the road of political solution can it be conformed to the fundamental interests of Syria and its people. He hopes that the relevant parties in Syria participate in the second Geneva Conference with positive and constructive attitudes, open and push forward the political transition process and reach a solution that relevant parties in Syria generally could accept.

Monzer Akbik said that China is a friendly country to Syria and the Syrian people cherish the friendly feelings towards the Chinese people. The "National Coalition" attaches importance to the significant role that China has played in resolving the Syrian issue, and is willing to maintain contacts and communication with the Chinese side on this.

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